Elise Creel Stafford, President

Rosby D. Fraiser, Vice President

Sonja Duncan, Secretary

Tammy R. Ballance, Treasurer

Verdell Jones, Trustee

Catherine C. Patat, Trustee

Leroy Strickland, Trustee

Robert R. Creel, Jr., Honorary Trustee

  • Working to promote developmental skills for young golfers through scholarships, golf camps, and community partnerships. 
  • Providing resources for young golfers who display personal skills of honesty, respect, cooperation, self motivation, concentration and perseverance. 
  • Igniting a passion within young golfers who wish to develop abilities of competitive skill and to advance in the game.

Board of Directors


HAPfan Golf Foundation

Established 2009

In Memory of Mabel Emily Crawford Creel